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Plusnet’s a large company with a small company feel. You get to meet and work with people from across the whole organisation. The people both in our team and in the overall business are great and a pleasure to work with!

Working within Plusnet Technology means we get the opportunity to work on lots of different things. In fact, from the very first day you join Plusnet you’re given the opportunity to make a difference! Day-to-day we work not only with the whole of the Plusnet Technology teams, but also with other departments on a large variety of projects.

We get the opportunity to make a major difference to our internal processes and systems, working with a wide range of talented and experienced people, from both the technical and business sides of the company. The people in both our team and across the wider business are a pleasure to work with. There’s a strong team spirit and people are always willing to pitch in, even at short notice. There's also the technical challenges, often under time-critical deadlines, which help to keep the job fresh and interesting.

At Plusnet your opinions are valued. The Leadership team and Managers are approachable to discuss any personal or professional topics, offering suggestions and feedback to help you to achieve your goals.

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